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it is full acceptance of one’s own thoughts and emotions; it is about accepting yourself as you are, without unnecessary judging …” Dzigme Rinpocze

The quality of life depends largely on your state of mind

Systematic meditation practice allows us to cope better with everything that prevents us from enjoying life in a totaly spontaneous way.

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Are you interested in meditation and want to learn proven ways to calm your mind? Would you like to know the emotional release techniques to breathe life to the full finally?
Our mission is high-quality education and creating space for internal development.
See what we have prepared for you:

Guided Meditation

Listen to online impulse meditation and join a group where we meditate live once a time.


Read about what meditation is and isn’t. Learn the most important information about Mindfulness and Autotherapy.

educational video

See what we have prepared for you in the form of a video. In this section, we invite you to learn about theory, reflect and have fun.

Online courses

Learn about meditation both from the point of view of spiritual development and psychological / therapeutic development. Through the courses you will experience the purification process and learn techniques for dealing with the past, being here and now, and planning for the future.

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